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I still don't know what to put here, but I've grown tired of my old one. Basically, I'm odd, and my sense of humor definately takes some getting used to, but I'm here to gurantee that if it's mean, I'm kidding, almost exclusively. And what the hell, if you aren't certain, ASK ME, though I'm pretty sure that if I'm actually pissed (doesn't happen very often...) then you'll know it.

I love my friends and their crazy creative abilities, even though I'm a science major, and I'm almost positive that I got skipped with the musical and artistic talent bit...

Ummm, oh, I'm a vegetarian, which you might not think is necessary to add in here, but believe me- It is.

I hope to someday open up my own naturopathic vet clinic with a focus on nutrition and preventative methods, called "Name Your Cow." Although, if that doesn't work out (*crosses fingers hoping I can make it through vet school, lots and lots of vet school*, I think I just Really want to own my own business some day, like my coffee shop entitled "My Coffee Is Not To-go," with bright colors, struggling bands playing in the corner, and REAL coffee mugs, and BYOCU/LYBO (I think that was our thinger) so that everyone has to come inside to find out that it just means Bring Your Own Cup Unless You Buy One.

And then there is the fairly recent semi-serious development of starting a commune... How cool would that be?

"Dance, laugh, sing, breathe, and always remember to live."

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P.s. Look what I discovered I could do

/ \ It's a person!!! YaY! Unfortunately she has no arms, I'll have to look into that... Crap, it looks like a person here, but then when I look at it on view your profile it screws up the formatting, oh well, try it yourself, you'll see what I mean.

Oh, and go check out nameyourcow community, it'll be fun... ;)